Frequently asked questions

1How long has GEM Amber been operating on the jewelry market?
We have been making jewelry since 2002.
2Is GEM Amber a jewelry maker with its own studio and specialists?
Yes, our studio is one of the most modernly equipped jewelry studios in Europe, and our employees – jewelers, amber processing specialists, and a jewelry designer – have years of experience and undergo regular training to keep up with the ever-growing market.
3How often does GEM Amber introduce new designs to its portfolio?
We introduce new jewelry pieces all year long. Our designer is not only an artist but a veteran craftswoman with foreign work experience.
4What are the conditions of partnering with GEM Amber?
We adjust to the expectations of our customers, and we sell to countries on almost all continents. At the same time, we provide sales supporting materials, including catalogues, advertising materials, and even jewelry display furniture.
5What are your deadlines?
If the product is in stock, it’s one week. If not, waiting time is 4-5 weeks from the order date.
6How do I pay for the jewelry I ordered?
We accept payment by bank transfer based on a pro-forma invoice we issue. The jewelry is shipped once we have received the payment.
7What is the minimum order quantity?
We accept orders above 5 pieces of jewelry.
8Which courier companies does GEM Amber use?
We use the following courier companies: UPS, EMS, and FedEx.
9How should I care for my amber jewelry?
In order for your amber jewelry to shine with all its beauty, do not expose it excessively to daylight and do not use perfume or hair spray after putting your jewelry on. To protect it from chemicals and mechanical damage, avoid cleaning or washing with your jewelry on.
10How to distinguish genuine amber from fake?
There are three distinctive features of genuine amber: if you burn it lightly, you smell resin; it floats in salt water; and it picks up static charges when rubbed.
11What are the health benefits of amber?
The beneficial effects of amber on human health have been known for thousands of years. You should know that 3-8% of succinic acid – the largest content of which is in the cortex – has bactericidal properties. In addition: aromatherapy uses smoke from the burning amber; amber liqueur naturally alleviates rheumatic pains; and red amber has beneficial effects on the hematopoietic system.
12Does GEM Amber give discounts?
Yes – our regular customers are offered discounts determined individually.