the Finest Amber Jewelry

About Gem Amber

Many moons ago, when we found our first amber thrown on the shore of the Baltic Sea, we immediately knew that this was the stone that would make us successful businesspeople and give us personal happiness. Our studio has been making jewelry continuously since 2002, and its renown around the world continues to grow.

First and foremost, our studio is based on the work of outstanding specialists, for whom amber has been both work and passion for several decades. Our designers use minimalist accessories to bring out the natural beauty of each amber piece. Jewelers are perfectly familiar with the amber matter and are able to cut it to perfection. All the employees in our studio undergo regular training and hone their skills to keep up with technological innovations.


We have one of Europe’s most cutting-edge fleet of machines. By applying the latest technology, we achieve the level of precision unprecedented in large-scale production. With the advanced Yasumi casting line, we are able to produce even the most complex and sophisticated gold items. As they are not polished by hand, no concavity, convexity, detail, or piece of lace is destroyed or worn out by polishing; quite the contrary – they can shine with all its natural glitter. Our amber, on the other hand, is entirely hand-processed, so that we can achieve perfect symmetry and the transparency equal to that of precious stones.

Sophisticated materials

Our product range includes only natural amber from the Baltic Sea, with all the wealth of its shapes, textures, and colors – from milky white, through honey, yellow, and lemon to intense cherry red, with the last one obtained with the state-of-the-art methods of pressure treatment. It is this cherry red stone, easy on the eye and, as we believe, lucky, that we have made our flagship product. Its unique hue is obtained in an entirely natural manner, without the use of chemicals or reagents, and its authenticity is confirmed with relevant certificates.